Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients who have been using the Fabu Body products. If you’d like to share your experience from using any of our tanning products, we’d love to hear from you too. Email us at Fabu Body.



Being an endurance athlete I have a lot of lactic acid build up in my legs during racing. Fabu Oil hasn’t only helped with my warm up but has assisted with my recovery especially in between races when I only have a short time to recover. With this oil I no longer have to have a painful ice bath. I spray the oil on my legs and give them a gentle massage and they feel fresh within minutes.

I have been using this oil at racing but also during training in my lead up to Nationals in February. I’m definitely feeling the difference especially over a long week of high intensity.

After racing I found I had tight legs, stretching only gave me temporary relief but using the oil as well as stretching definitely made a difference.



I have endured chronic pain in my hips for approximately five years and have tried many products on the market to help ease the pain.

FABU Sports Oil has been by far the most effective in relieving soreness and pain and I no longer rely on painkillers to get me through each day.

I apply it every morning and again before I go to bed. 

I can't recommend it highly enough!




In my 12 years as a sports therapist I have worked in a lot of varied situations, on a lot of different clients and have used and applied many a different lineament, cream, oil and lotion in order to have the best possible outcome.

I have always found oil the best way to go and have for a number of years used a non petroleum based product as its more beneficial for the skin and I thought I was going along ok until I had this wonder oil in the packaging of a spray brought to my attention..

What can I say?? I'm hooked!!!

The silky feel of the FABU SPORT Sports Oil makes gliding over the skin much easier and doesn't leave the residual feel of gunk on the skin and smells a whole lot nicer!

I am noticing the response on using it with clients suffering from DOMS immediate and lasting not to mention the positive effects it’s having in my treatments.

I am an absolute convert to this wonderful product and will not be using anything else.



I recently used FABU Sports Spray for a nagging hip complaint. I felt relief almost immediately. Also, after undertaking a new gym session was experiencing upper arm pain and after one application the pain subsided within hours. I highly recommend this product and think it would be great to keep in the gym bag!



I highly recommend FABU Sports Oil.

I have a family of very active boys and every member uses it. FABU Sports Oil is definitely the 'go to' relief for all our aches and pains. Some of the ways we use FABU Sports Oil are: before and after gym, footy training and tennis.

I personally have 'dodgy knees'. I have had times when it aches so much it is swollen and can hardly bare weight on it. after rubbing FABU Sports Oil all around my knee in the evening, then in the morning, I found the swelling to totally reduce and almost all pain was gone. I could share so many examples of the success of the FABU Sports Oil that my friends and family have experienced.

My 7 year old nephew, suffers from growing pains periodically. He was staying with us one night and woke sobbing with the pain. I massaged the Sports Oil into his ankles, shins and achilles and there was a visible change. He went on to sleep the whole night.




My young 13 year old daughter plays sport daily and was suffering a sports related knee injury. She was seeing a physio every second day for massage, manipulation and strapping. I decided to try the Fabu Sports Oil thinking it would do no harm to give it a go. The first time we massaged it into her leg she was on total training rest and only 50% game time, on physio orders, my daughter found she had no pain during the night and slept without any waking up from the knee pain.

The next day when she was to play her soccer match we massaged the Fabu Sports Oil into the leg before we left for her game and then afterwards with the thought that it may hopefully aid recovery. As I watched from the side lines I noted she didn’t appear to be favouring her sore leg at all. After the game I asked her how her leg left and she said she had felt no pain at all during the match and was really happy with her game. We massaged the oil into her lag again after her shower and the next day when she woke up she had no after game day pains, this was something that she had not experienced for some time.

I decided to see if it was the oil that had made the difference. It appears it was, as she stopped training due to a sore knee when she didn’t use the oil. I would happily recommend the oil to other people. Be they people who play daily like my daughter or not as often. I was particularly impressed with how much it aided her recovery and how well she felt after game. To have no pain after being in so much pain is really amazing to me.

Since buying the oil I have used it on my son who has suffered some shin splints due to distance running and it has also taken away all related pain for him. I can’t speak highly enough about this product I think it should be used by all sports people to aid recovery and to assist the body to work at it’s best.




I opened my studio 9 years ago and added tanning in the second year of business. In the 3rd year I discovered Tanning Solutions, my tanning side of the business boomed after this.

I love Tan Solutions and so do my clients for several reasons.

1: The colour is fabulous, natural, no orange or yellow undertones.

2: It smells good, during the tanning process and after.

3: It wears and fades beautifully

My favourite tan is Ultra (now Versatan), it’s unique ability to reactive after washing and continuing to tan for 48 hours makes it perfect for an early week tan that last through the weekend. The fact that you can wash after only two hours also makes it a perfect last minute tan for that unexpected date.

All Tanning Solution Tans are non sticky and do not leave that horrible bronze residue on the skin. You can have a tan and go back to work or out for dinner and no one would know.

Want your tanning business to have the edge, Tan Solutions is your solution.




I’m writing to you to thank you for selling us the Australian Sun Goddess (NOW FABUBODY) tanning product for our salon. It has increased our profits by 61%.

After trying most leading brands of tanning product and having problems with streaking, blotching, orange tans and short wearability. We now use your product, which in my opinion, is flawless and hassle free. No streaking. No blotching. Even application and a long wearing golden tan than can look good for up to 10 days.

(We love it).

Thank you for your professional service and your wonderful help in setting up our tanning room, it works and looks great.

Wishing you the best of luck in you tanning business.




I have had many experiences with a wide variety of many different spray tan products over the past few years, but none have worked and lasted for me as well as the FABYBODY range.

FABUBODY tan works wonders for me and I’m sure others too! It doesn’t go patchy, or the worst in some cases, it definitely does not turn a funny orange colour! FABUBODY gives your skin a beautiful natural glow.

It’s a wonderful product and I encourage every girl or boy interested in spray tanning to use this product and anyone else who hasn’t experienced the FABUBODY tan should.




After using your product, I just had to tell you how great it is.

Two years ago, before jetting off to Bali for a romantic holiday for a week with my husband, I went for a spray tan at a salon near where I live. I told them I had very sensitive skin and was told her product was safe for all skin types. Within 24 hours, I was covered, head to toe, with a very itchy rash which stayed with me for my holiday and later.

When my sister asked me to try her spray tan, I was very worried, as the rash took over a year to clear up. I have to say that the colour and no streaking I got from your product was great and of course, NO RASH!

I now use your product when I want a fantastic tan with great colour. Thanks.