Who is FABU BODY? 

Formerly we were known as Tanning Solutions Australia, pioneer of the first “Tan In A Can”.  We were also the first company to use a unique DHA and Erythrulose blend in tanning products. Our products use the highest quality ingredients and provide a natural instant colour. They smell great too!

Is FABU BODY a Salon Quality Product?

FABU BODY has been supplying Salons with its formulations since 2002. We have the backing of time to know that our products perform to a very high standard. The use of the unique DHA and Erythrulose blend is one of the reasons behind our natural looking, long lasting tans.

Does FABU BODY Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, we do on purchases over $50 on retail products Australia-wide. Excludes Wholesale orders  and Overseas orders. 

Are FABU BODY tan solutions safe?

All of the FABU BODY tanning products comply with the Australian Manufacturing Standards and, as required by Work Cover Australia, are issued with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSD). When you use our spray tan solution you are providing your clients with the best and safest product on the world market today.

How long do I need to wait to shower after Applying FABU BODY? 

FABU BODY self tan Mousse is very versatile! It can be washed off after just 2 hours. For a deeper tan, you can leave it on for 6-8 hours before washing it off. We have also had great results when you apply a very light layer and leave it on overnight before showering.

Am I allowed to go swimming after applying FABU BODY?                                      

We recommend you avoid swimming for 2 - 8 hours after applying your tan, depending on how dark you want your tan to be. Once your tan has developed it is fine to swim, however soaking in a bath, seawater and chlorinated pools may result in your tan fading more quickly.

How long does FABU BODY tan last?

Your FABU BODY tan should last between 5 - 7 days. Good preparation and moisturising is key and can make it last even longer. However, everyone's skin naturally exfoliates at a different rate which may vary the results.
Are FABU BODY products suitable for the face?

All FABU BODY products can be used on the face. However, being a generally sensitive area it’s important to patch test first. Some people like to mix a small amount of self tanner with their daily moisturiser.

Can FABU BODY be used during pregnancy?

It is typically only the top layer of the skin that’s affected by DHA and Erythrulose, it does not penetrate into the blood stream and shouldn't have any harmful effects while pregnant.                                                    

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to check with your doctor.  Do not apply to the breast area if breastfeeding.                                                                                    

It can also be helpful to do a skin test before self-tanning, as hormone levels can sometimes change throughout pregnancy.

Will my FABU BODY tan transfer onto my clothing?

We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing while your tan develops. The topical colour may transfer onto clothing or bedding until you shower. FABU BODY has a quick dry formula that will minimise this.

Will FABU BODY stain my sheets?

If you are a tan tragic, it is inevitable that your sheets will have residue rub off onto them at some stage. We have found that the use of dark sheets are less troublesome.                                                                                                            

If you do have any topical colour rub off onto the sheets, we suggest that you wash them at your earliest convenience.

Does FABU BODY have that awful fake tan smell?

No FABU BODY has a deodoriser to take that fake tan smell away and a lovely scent overall.

Will FABU BODY make me go orange?

FABU BODY products are formulated using the synergistic combination of DHA and Erythrulose so that the result is a natural looking tan that doesn't appear orange. 

Unfortunately, many factors can affect the tan. Everyone’s skin is different and can react differently to self tanning products. Your health, age and cycle are all factors in the result you get. An orange result may also occur naturally depending on the makeup of your skin. Sometimes the application of too much tan can or leaving it on for too long can result in your skin throwing an orange colour.

Just to be sure, a patch test can help determine how your skin will react to the product.

If I apply FABU BODY fake tan, can I still get a tan from the sun?

Yes, you can still get a "real' suntan whilst wearing FABU BODY. It's important to know that our Mousse does not offer any sun protection.                                     No need to sunbake though because our Mousse allow you to experience a beautiful natural tan without the need for harmful solariums or the sun. We always recommend applying sunscreen when exposed to the sun.

What ingredients are contained in your tanning products?

Marketed under the name FABU BODY  all of our tanning solutions contain the finest, natural based ingredients. They are enriched with soothing aloe vera, moisturising hazelnut oil plus vitamins B & E to soften skin. The result is a beautiful, botanic and bronzed natural tan colour that is easy to work with and suitable for all skin types.
What is DHA?                                                                                                                   
DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in self tanning products. It is a sugar molecule that reacts to the amino acids on the outer layer of the skin. The level of DHA controls how dark and natural the colour looks. FABU BODY uses a measured level of DHA, combined with Erythrulose, that is carefully formulated to create a natural looking tan that is long lasting, looks even and fades off.               

What is Erythrulose?

Erythrulose comes from red and sour tart sugar found in ripe, red raspberries and  other red berries. 

  • Synergistic self-tanning effect when used together with DHA
  • Provides a natural, deep and even tan whereas DHA alone may create an orange tone and stripes
  • Erythrulose may prolong the tan and leaves the skin less dry.

Is FABU BODY tested on animals?

No, FABU BODY does not believe in animal testing.

Who is FABU BODY suitable for?

FABU BODY is suitable for people of all ages!