Do you Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, we do on purchases over $35 on retail products Australia-wide. Excludes Wholesale orders.

Who is FABUBodyTM ? Formerly we were known as Tanning Solutions Australia,  who pioneered the first “Tan In A Can”.  We were also the first company to use a unique DHA and Erythrulose blend in  tanning products. Our products use the highest quality ingredients and provide a natural instant colour. They smell good too!

Do you provide wholesale tanning solutions for tanning salons and tanning studios?
Yes, we do. FABUBodyTM are a wholesale provider of tanning products, spray tan solution, spray tanning equipment and tanning accessories. 


Are there different wholesale spray tan colours to suit different skin tones?
 Yes. We provide a selection of tan tone options in our wholesale tanning range. Please contact us for further information regarding wholesale orders. 1300 135 993.
  • Golden Honey – suitable for all skin types
  • Velvety Caramel – for medium to dark skin tones
  • Deliciously Dark – for dark and Mediterranean skin tones
  • Triple Choc - suitable for all skin types


Do you supply spray tanning systems to tanning salons?
Yes. As well as a range of wholesale tanning products, FABUBodyTM also provide spray tanning systems and spray tanning equipment for use in tanning salons and studios. 


Are your wholesale spray tan solutions safe?
All of the FABUBodyTM tanning products comply with the Australian Manufacturing Standards and, as required by Work Cover Australia, are issued with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSD). When you use our spray tan solution you are providing your clients with the best and safest product on the world market today.


How long does the tan last?
You can assure your clients that a FABUBodyTM tan will last for 4 to 7 days.


What ingredients are contained in your tanning products?
Marketed under the name FABUBodyTM  all of our tanning solutions contain the finest, natural based ingredients. They are enriched with soothing aloe vera, moisturising hazelnut oil plus vitamins B & E to soften skin. The result is a beautiful, botanic and bronzed natural tan colour that is easy to work with and suitable for all skin types.