About Us

FOUNDER Louise's Story

"In 2001 I was asked by a colleague if I would be interested in developing a self tanning product. Right at that time my father-in-law had just been diagnosed with Melanoma - a devastating time for our family. As a mother to 5 children at the time, now 6, four of them daughters, I was very drawn to the idea, as my thoughts drifted immediately to my children and wanting to protect and educate them the best I could. I had heard and seen stories on how quickly and easily skin cancer can take hold of people and how quickly it could lead to death - many of them young people. I knew that developing this product could make a difference and help me look after my children at the same time.

Sadly my father-in-law passed away in January 2005 and since this time I have had a passionate drive and conviction to build my business and educate people on the dangers of tanning and informing them that there is a natural looking, safer alternative to a real tan that does not expose you directly to the risk of skin cancer.

I'm proud to say we have developed a range of products that look great on the skin, are safe for the skin and nourish and protect our largest, most important organ - the skin. We believe quality is of paramount importance in our business and all our products are made with the highest quality ingredients (pharmaceutical grade) which means you will get the most amazing, long lasting results.

All of our products are AUSTRALIAN MADE and we test our products to ensure their stability and that they do not produce formaldehyde.

"I hope you enjoy using our products as much as I have enjoyed the journey in creating them, because we care about you too!."

Louise Mellington, Founder