FABUBODY would like to welcome you to our website and tell you about the changes we have made for our retail customers.

What's changed? Our motivation, our business model and ultimately our pricing.

Our motivation is our family! 3 out of 4 of my children's grandparents have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer (2 have passed away from cancer already).

Originally, we got involved in tanning because my father in law was diagnosed with Melanoma. It got to the point where we really wanted to do something with our business that made a difference, but not just in one area. The idea came up one day when Louise was speaking with Colleen from Support4Cancer Foundation Ballarat about things and realised that it would be wonderful if FABUBODY could help raise funds for this Foundation by donating some money from a fundraising pack that we could put together. 

Then once we reach our target for Support4Cancer Foundation Ballarat, we can then move onto another cause that is close to our hearts. Just keep that 12% portion of the sales we get and give it to a worthy cause.

We believe that we have the VERY BEST tanning product on the market today and want to offer it to the public at a price that can compete with the others that are out there, but with a PROFESSIONAL QUALITY that they can't match for the same price. 

Our Fundraising Pack that we have put together includes 2 x 150g Mousse and 2 Tanning Mitts for only $50 and we also offer FREE POSTAGE!!

The quality ensures that you get great value for money as well as a fantastic, natural looking tan. People have been known to get more than 8 FULL BODY APPLICATIONS out of one bottle of the Mousse.