Welcome to Fabu Body

Formerly Tanning Solutions Australia, we are now very excited to launch our new brand FABU (pronounced FAB OO). The simple truth. The products are designed to work with your skin, not your imagination. They are designed to work with the natural function of your skin, stimulating the metabolism to work and maintain itself. They protect, nourish and regenerate.


* Please contact Fabu Body at louise@fabubody.com.au, or on 1300 135 993 for your Wholesale Account.

SKINCARE BENEFITS - Back to basics skin care. Custom made products developed to meet specific needs, for example it replenishes your body's nutrients after exercise. Calms, Soothes and Nourishes.

SPORTS OIL BENEFITS - Originally developed for and successfully used by Olympic athletes in the areas of Rowing, Cycling, Marathon and Triathlon Competitors. It is also perfect for the sporting enthusiast, gym goer, or just anyone with a niggle. An innovative product, for topical use, developed specifically for athletes at an elite level but is also suitable for beginners, casual and seasonal exercisers. FABUTM Sports Oil is also perfect for repetitive injuries due to intensive exercising. FABUTM Sports Oil is ideal for minimising down time. This product should be standard issue in everyone's sports bag, hand bag, travel bag etc.

TANNING BENEFITS - At FABUTM we have designed a range of Tanning products for both SALON PROFESSIONAL and RETAIL (TAN IN A CAN) use. The perfect, natural looking, all year round tan can be achieved when using any or all of our FABUTM products. We also have a wonderful Body Wash and Moisturiser in our range so that your tan can better for longer. Our FABUTM Tan Application Mitt is great to use with all TAN IN A CAN products.